Gus Bartholomew

Co-Founder of Leafr


The Co-Founder of Leafr—a premier marketplace of highly vetted freelance sustainability specialists.

Leafr connects businesses with the talent they need to deliver their most pressing sustainability initiatives, be that overarching sustainability strategies, Life Cycle Assessments, B Corp certification guidance, Sustainability Software Procurement, or Emissions Calculations. The list is endless, but Leafr has specialists for most companies’ needs. Their mission is to empower companies with the talent, knowledge and resources needed to make impactful sustainability decisions.

Gus previously founded SupplyCompass — a B2B SaaS for fashion supply chains —streamlining the design to delivery process and driving more sustainable practices. Raised £2.5m in VC & Innovate UK Funding. Led the Company as CEO, growing the team to 30 people in UK and India. Working with customers in Europe, US and Australia.

C-Suite experience at Series A startups in US and Europe helping them to grow faster by tightening their Go-To-Market strategy and building optimised processes and teams across Operations, Marketing, Sales and Customer Success.


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