Shama (Keskar) Butala

Co-founder & CTO at Nickelytics, Former Google, Amazon & LinkedIn


A tech executive and serial entrepreneur. She’s built high-performing teams and user-centric products. Shama co-founded & grew her startup’s ARR from $20K to $3.5M, leading to a successful acquisition in 2023. Throughout entrepreneurial journey, she secured funding from $500K to millions of dollars from angel investors & VCs.

She’s an expert in AI, machine learning, and computer vision for building innovative products. Her recent ventures include a mental health startup, which secured $2.5M from the government to support 40 schools across India. And VoxAI, a data-driven employee marketplace to enhance recruitment with AI and LLMs. And she’s also leading Gourmet Ready, a food-tech initiative, showcasing her commitment to solve challenges in diverse sectors.


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